The mission of the BCRR is to:

Give its contribution in the creation of a regulatory framework which is in line with the principles of democratic stability and the Acquis Communautaire;

Contribute to the ‘cutting the red tape’, i.e. business simplification that would ensure efficient functioning of the market, provide for investments, business start-ups and employment;

Contribute to the stability of institutions, the rule of law, human rights protection and the ability of the Republic of Serbia to take on the obligations of membership;

Assist in the creation, implementation and promotion of research, projects and workshops in the area of regulatory, public administration, and economic reform in the Balkan region;

Cooperate with organizations, institutions and individuals across the borders, which have corresponding aims, contributing to the exchange of experiences in the reform of the legal and socio-economic framework;

Enhance regional cooperation between the SEE countries in the Better Regulation area in order to make the region more attractive for private investments;

Convey global and local tendencies and events to the public, in the area of legal and socio-economic reform, and

Our vision is comprehensive regulatory reform in Balkan region.