The Balkan Center for Regulatory Reform (BCRR) is a policy-oriented NGO established in 2004 by a group of lawyers, economists, political and social scientists and academics from Serbia and other Balkan countries.
In the previous years, the Western Balkan countries have shown the extremely intensive legislative activity, due to the necessity to comply with the EU regulations and the need to complete the process of reforms. In the forthcoming period, every country aspiring to join the EU (especially the candidate countries and accessing countries) needs to improve its legislative frameworks, as well as institutional and administrative capacities, in order to implement the Acquis Communautaire requirements. This is why it is urgent to implement systemic solutions which will improve the quality of new laws and other regulations.
The founders of the BCRR recognize that regulatory reforms are of crucial importance for the implementation of a democratic system that would enable a more efficient and more market-oriented environment which will boost market reforms. Also, the founders recognize that business simplification can increase investments, business start-ups, and employment. Thus, the BCRR considers as urgent to implement systemic solutions which will improve the quality of future legislations and regulations in general. Taking into account the above-mentioned, the purpose of the BCRR is to contribute to the ongoing regulatory reforms, improvement of the legal and economic environment, and business simplification.